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Find out why home and business owners in and around Calgary count on C-Thru-U Window Cleaning for their property exterior cleaning

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“C-Thru Window Cleaning has done a marvelous job. Every window of my house is shining and bright. The backyard was super clean after pressure washing. Strongly recommend.”

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Are you tired of seeing dirt and mold growing on the exterior of your property? Perhaps you would like to remove the gum stains that have accumulated on your sidewalk to the entrance of your commercial property?

Whatever the case may be, at C-Thru-U Window Cleaning, we can help! We provide a variety of exterior cleaning services to help boost the curb appeal of your home or property in and around Calgary. Your property is one of your biggest investments for your home or business, it's important that you feel proud of it — and that’s exactly what we are going to do for you.

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House Washing

Your home will look amazing when we use our soft wash system to wash your siding. We use 100% biodegradable cleaning agents to ensure that mildew, dirt and moss are removed. The reason we use this soft wash method rather than a high-pressure method is because this is safer for your home, plants and landscaping — plus the results are spectacular!

House vinyl after being cleaned in Calgary, AB
Solar panels on roof of home
A deck after being pressure washed in Calgary, AB

Power Washing

Regular power washing of areas around your house like walkways, patios, driveways, sidewalks and decks will increase the curb appeal of your property. We use 100% biodegradable detergents and surface cleaners to ensure no streaks are left behind, while also trying to limit any negative impact on the environment. You can feel proud when you pull up on your driveway or walk into the entrance of your building with a beautifully restored surface!

Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know that solar panels lose up to 25% of their efficiency when they’re dirty? Solar panels are a large investment for your home — it's important that you get the most out of them. It is also imperative that you can hire a company that knows what they are doing.  Save money by having us safely and gently clean your solar panels using our pure water system and special brushes.

"We hired Chris to power wash our home and clean the exterior windows. He arrived promptly and did an excellent job of both! Chris has the knowledge and equipment to handle both small and large jobs. His rates are very fair, we would strongly recommend his services."

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Whether you are looking to restore your home siding or revive your deck, we can help boost the curb appeal of your property with our exterior cleaning services

Gutter Cleaning

How we help

Regular cleaning of your gutters is a vital part of good home maintenance. Your gutters can also brighten up the appearance of your home if they are clean on the outside, which is why we offer exterior gutter whitening as one of our recommended services.

Once we have removed all of the dirt and debris from your gutters, we ensure proper water flow by flushing them out. We will provide before and after photos or video footage of us performing the service so you can be sure your gutters are functioning properly. We can bag and remove the debris from your property, or you can keep it and compost it. 

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous as we have to work at height, so our crews have fall protection and ladder safety training. We know how to safely set up ladders so we have proper access to your gutters without damaging them.

Clean gutters after professional gutter cleaning in Calgary, AB
Gutter basket

Optional Gutter Baskets

Gutter baskets are perforated metal hoods that fit over downspouts, keeping out debris such as leaves, branches, and pine needles. As a result, rainwater can flow through the downspouts in between cleanings even if the gutters are filled with debris. We highly recommend these!

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COR Certified & Insured For Your Peace Of Mind

C-Thru-U Window Cleaning carries a COR Certification. This means that our team understands and follows all safety procedures when carrying out your exterior cleaning services. We also carry liability insurance.